How to get here

If you arrived to Ljubljana via train/bus, you have three options:

1. Taking a taxi to the hostel

2. Taking public transport (bus)

3. Going to the hostel on foot

If you decide to take a taxi, we advise you caution as some providers can have higher prices than others. We recommend a taxi company called »Intertours Taxi«. Calling the taxi to come pick you up generally gives you lower fare than jumping into a random taxi. If you have called the taxi, you should not pay more than 4,50 eur for the ride to the hostel.

If you decide to take public transport, you will require to buy Urbana public transport card. You can buy it at the main bus station or through Urbanomat (machine) at most city centre bus stops. After buying it, you will be able to add credit to the card itself at any Urbanomat or at the bus station.

After you buy and fill Urbana travel card, take line 27 towards city centre and get off at the bus stop Križanke. Turn left and follow the main road for 10-20 meters and then turn right and go down the side street (Emonska cesta). It will take you all the way down to a crossroad by creek Gradaščica (300 meters), where you should turn left and hostel will be 100 meters away (has a signpost).

If you decide to walk to the hostel, it will take you approximately 25 minutes. In order to get here, go across the main road by the bus station and turn right. Follow the main road until the first street on your left (Miklošičeva cesta). Go down Miklošičeva cesta (last part of the street is a pedestrian zone) , until you reach the main square (Prešernov trg) and Three bridges (Tromostovje) (750 meters).

From there, go up the river stream on the right side until you reach a major road (Zoisova cesta) crossing the river (600 meters). Go past it and you will soon come to the conflux of river Ljubljanica and creek Gradaščica (200 meters). Turn right at the conflux and go up Gradaščica’s stream on the right side. It will lead you directly past hostel, which is 150 meters away from the conflux (there is a hostel signpost).

If you are coming by car and are travelling via highway, take exit Center and then continue down the main road (Barjanska cesta) until you reach a bridge across creek Gradaščica, where a crossroad is located (2,6 kilometers). Turn right at the crossroad, just after the bridge and then go down the side street (Gradaška ulica) until you reach the hostel (there is a hostel signpost on the road’s side) (200 meters). You can unload the luggage there and we will give you location of our parking at the reception (5 minute walk from the hostel).